What to do if someone who burned you really bad as a friend tries?

Answer Yes, I do. I think she wants to bury the your NECK, I believe. I have alot of patience, and I have heard some SILLY excuses in my time in cyber space, but one thing I finally learne... Read More »

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R&P: What song would you dedicate to someone who tries to Ruin Your Day?

If you are referring to the phone call you had earlier, Cee Lo Green- "F*ck you"…Why give out your number to an idiot. Only 4 people on here have mine, and... Read More »

How to Shoot a Basketball when Someone Tries to Block You?

Here is the best way to shoot a basketball when someone is going to block your shot.

I`ve just burned my hand in the stove what can I do it really hurts!!?

immerse in ice water then get it rapped up and if it looks reallllly bad go to doctor

Someone burned popcorn in my microwave and now it looks yellow inside of it, what can I do?

Hi Luv2, My Grand son did that last year. The whole house filled with smoke and boy did it stink.We had to open the doors in the house. I used a commercial pine cleaner that is very concentrated.I... Read More »