What to do if fake iPhone is not allowed on my computer?

Answer Hold down the top lock button and the home button down until the apple sign comes up on ur phone, once this comes up release the lock button at the top but still hold the home button until the conn... Read More »

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Hey I asked for a new iphone the 3gs and he gave me one but when I was using it I noticed that it was the old iPhone would I be allowed to change it now that I opened it and used it?

When will the iphone be allowed in china?

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How do you know if your iPhone 4 is fake?

Facetime is available on iPhone 4 onwards. If it's not pre-installed, you will have to download it from the iTunes/App store online.

How do you know an iPhone 4S is a fake?

the main sign is that you can only fit 12 apps on each page. other signs include slide to unlock is in Chinese, when you turn on it doesn't show the apple logo