What to do if court ordered child visitation is being blocked by a parent?

Answer well it depends on why its being blocked and if the parent is blocking it just because they don't want the child to see the other parent, if that is the case it isn't allowed and you should speak t... Read More »

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Is there a law against keeping a child from seeing his parent on court-ordered visitation rights?

Answer The "court order" is just that ... an order! If you have visitation rights by the court then you have the right to see that child(ren.) If your spouse refuses to comply to the court ruling ... Read More »

Can a non-custodial parent lose visitation rights if they continually miss their court ordered visitation?

Merely because the non-custodial parent is unable to attend the court ordered visitation, it does not mean that he or she will automatically loose his or her visitation rights. If the non-custodial... Read More »

As an absent parent how do you enforce overnight visitation that was ordered by the court?

Visitation Denial Part of the problem with getting visitation enforced is knowing what to do to prove your case, and how to remind the judge of their responsibilities. Let me start with the judge. ... Read More »

What constitutes abandonment by a non-custodial parent who has not paid court-ordered child support nor seen the child in 5 years?

Answer There are a few states that have laws which pertain directly to the designation of parental abandonment. The majority of states make such rulings on the individual case circumstances. There... Read More »