What to do after circulation is cut overnight?

Answer Nothing, should return to normal in a few hours.

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Coronary circulation question (not pulmonary circulation)?

You are absolutely correct, and I as a doctor accept your definition from the bottom of my heart. This shows you think logically, I will request all participants to give a star to the (as a mark of... Read More »

How can i fix bad circulation in my leg?

Its growing pains I had this and I used to scream in agony but I found a way to reduce the pain. Take the ankle of the leg that hurts and put it on the oposite knee then relax your leg. Then gently... Read More »

Improve circulation?

Whooaahh! calm down girl! For you to get proper cirulation drink a little something else than water, juice especially. Jucies are great for "awaking" the body and helped with you vitamins which is ... Read More »

Are $2 bills still in circulation?

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