What to do about waking up with leg cramps?

Answer Nighttime leg cramps can be caused by overusing muscles or dehydration. Sometimes birth control pills or diuretics (again the dehydration) are implicated. Thyroid problems can be implicated. Go... Read More »

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What does it mean if you have early periods without cramps or signs for 7days and laterhave periods with cramps?

What was the first thing you thaught about upon waking up this morning?

Hi there: That i was still here to wake up. You have a fine day

One badly sprained or worse foot with cramps other foot with cramps is it coming out in sympathy?

I have the same thing with my shoulder. I hurt the right one, now the right one's ok but for no reason I can imagine the left one now has problems with the degree of rotation. Weird. Cramps usua... Read More »

What to do about horrific leg cramps.?

Eat bananas, drink orange juice, This will give you potassium, leg cramps usually come from reduced blood flow or low potassium, stretch every now and then if you sit for long and when you sleep tr... Read More »