What to do about suicidal son?

Answer Get help RIGHT AWAY from a professional. You might want to talk to your son's doctor.

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How to Cope when Someone You Care About Is Suicidal?

Are you concerned about the possibility that a family member or a friend is thinking about suicide? Believe it or not, you can help them by making them not feel suicidal anymore.

What should you do if you have suicidal thoughts?

you should talk to someone about it cuz u dont realize how many people love u and how many people would be mortified. I had a friend who hung himself from his bedroom fan and died and he didnt real... Read More »

What are common characteristics of suicidal thoughts and feelings?

The feeling that no one cares if the person is upset, no one would care if they were to die, might not even notice.Sometimes people who are planning to commit suicide start to give things away, fee... Read More »

Im suicidal , what happens if you take an overdose of sleeping pills and live?

Trying talking to a suicidal hot line.Anyway if you lived you didn't solve the problem.The problem to be solved is your emotions and it can help your life.Sometimes you got to let it out and you ha... Read More »