What to do about my injuries?

Answer Try stretching every morning, before any activities. Nothing too crazy, but something to warm up your muscles, especially in your back, hamstrings, arms, etc. Warming up your neck muscles by rollin... Read More »

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What is a good title for a powerpoint presentation about ACL injuries and prevention?

Medical terminology about injuries?

assessing , a tibia/fibula open fracture…

Anyone know about wrist injuries?

I can't tell you what it could be, but the fact that you're having extreme pain means you should see a doctor about it asap. Extreme pain is a warning that something is not right, and only a doctor... Read More »

How much infomation should you provide to the patient about their injuries?

I don't see why you should tell them about it although you ARE supposed to give them reassuring thoughts. You should tell 911 everything though.