What to do about infected bug bites?

Answer You can develop a very serious staph infection from this- if you start running a fever or the swelling gets worse, call your doctor and have them see you immediately. This can get bad very fast, an... Read More »

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Antibiotics for Infected Dog Bites?

When a person gets bitten by a dog, certain steps should be taken. One of those steps is to get an antibiotic into the bitten person's system in time to help fight the potential infection from all ... Read More »

Infected insect bites?

Site of infection will be red , swollen ,painful and perhaps even puss omiting.

What do i do about my infected cut?

Nerve damage is the cause of the ache. There really not much you can do now. Your body has lots of layers and they can move freely a lot like playing cards in a stack but, if there is a cut that go... Read More »

What did hospitals do about blood poisoning from dog bites before antibiotics?

you can cover animal bites and bug bites with bentonite clayread;"" Puss Caterpillar BiteI got stung by a puss caterpillar yesterday. The stings an be vicious. But I did what I could to get the sti... Read More »