What to do about fang teeth?

Answer Get Braces!I had fangs.. :3If you have tow extra teeth in your top row then you'd have the teeth behind your fangs removed and the braces would pull them down... sounds gruesome.. really isn't.. on... Read More »

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What do you do about a gap in your two front teeth that is about the size to fit another tooth?

Answer With the gap like this, it is usually the recommendation that you have the laboratory ( the Dental Technician ) to make two crowns on you two teeth on both sides of the gap. Your dentist sho... Read More »

What was the setting of white fang?

The book and film "White Fang" is set in the Yukon Territory of Canada during the gold rush before the turn of the 20th century. Although the plot of the book and movie differ slightly, they both c... Read More »

What is another name for White Fang?

Another name for White Fang in the novel by Jack London is Blessed Wolf. He was called that after he killed a criminal who attacked the character Judge Scott after escaping from prison.Source:Spark... Read More »

Can teeth bands work if you have a very large gap in your front teeth about 6mm or a quarter inch or is a bridge or veneers the only way to go?

Answer Sometimes when the space between the two central incisors is too large, orthodontics (braces) may be recommended. This usually will take approximately 18-36 months depending on the severity... Read More »