What to do about cracked iPad screen!!?

Answer Warranty won't cover a cracked screen. The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing not damage from dropping it. It can't be fixed. You could sell it for parts on eBay. Maybe get $150. Thi... Read More »

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When was the last time you sat on your touch screen device and cracked the screen?

The hard glass screen of my itouch cracked, any ideas on how/where i can buy a new screen?

try ebay phones are easy to repair it will take a short while if u have basic knowledge on stuff like that if not order the part of ebay because they will overcharge for parts and go to anyone who ... Read More »

I have a lab-top but my screen is cracked bad what should i do?

you can get a replacement but its going to cost a couple hundred and then your probably going to want to have a professional swap them.

What do you do to fix an ipod touch screen that is cracked?

look for someone to fix it my friend does them and he get the screens for $8 and charges $20 to install iti would say take it to the apple store but im pretty sure they wont do crap about it