What to do about bad breath?

Answer I have always called it dragon breath and the only thing that will work for me is a breath mint called Altoids

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What can help cover alcohol on ur breath (my gf hates smelling it on my breath is there anything i could do so?

What can I do about bad breath I floss, brush, and drink plenty of water...i have no cavities that i know of!?

This is going to be gross, but someone's gotta tell ya. It might be your tonsils. Are your tonsils producing too much protein? Do you have sinus problems? Sometimes you can get a thick build up in ... Read More »

Quick question about bad breath ?

The lick test is not going to give a valid result. You must see people touching their noses when you talk to them. If they touch their nose all the time then you know you have bad breath. If they d... Read More »

Is there a polite way to let someone know about bad breath?

Offer him a life-saver. Hope he'll get the idea,