What to do about an embarrassing gas problem :S?

Answer Sit on someone's face and let one rip.

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Girls...embarrassing underwear problem...?

You could always wear thongs, wear longer shirts, or wear pants that aren't low-rise.!Good luck.! =)

Health Problem! Embarrassing! HELP!!!?

My older sister has the same problem. Try the Secret Clinical deodorant. that is what she uses. :-) it isnt your fault either... its just your body... How God made you...hope i helped. :-)

Please Help, Embarrassing Problem?

sinced you already tired over the counter products try the DR they can prescribe some medicated shampoo for you that may work better. Also, until it is under control avoid wearing black shirts. wea... Read More »

I have a massive sweating problem and it's really embarrassing!?

I don't know how bad your sweating problem is, but sweating is actually quite common for a lot of people. I used to think I was the only one who was sweating so much. I think it has something to do... Read More »