What to do about Crooked Legs?

Answer Usually the feet turn out because of the hip joint or muscle tone. Try doing some hip and leg exercises to strengthen your muscles. Try to walk with your feet straight all the time, the pain shou... Read More »

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Why do my legs become sooo itchy after i shave and what can i do about it?

If you shave in the shower, do that last. Right after you dry off put lotion on and that should do it.

What can I do about small red bumps on my inner thighs and upper legs?

Treat them like acne. They may also be a sign of stress. Check your lifestyle. If you are stressed, put yourself in a position to not be. Avoid wearing tight pants clothing also. Good luck :D

I get a sharp achy pain in one of my legs when im walking for more than about 5 minutes, what is it?

You didn't list what part of the leg was having the pain, upper or lower? makes a difference in trying to help you out.

I have just walked over 10 miles and my legs ache-what should I do to help my poor legs?

Stretch! Do squats, lunges and a bit of on spot running. The reason your legs hurt is the lactic acid from your muscles. As soon as you start to move and stretch the acid while go away. Oh also, th... Read More »