What to do... My cheeks feel a bit raw and my jaw was almost locked when I woke up?

Answer Wowee! Don t you hate DRS.? I have a drooping eye since last week,???No answers,just prednisone and 875 mil Penicillin! Still look weird ,eye at half mast....LET US ALL PRAY !!!

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My boyfriend just woke up in the night and couldn't breathe.. He almost passed out?

He may have experienced sleep onset centrals or sleep paralysis. Neither are bad.In order to discern if your bf has apnea, continue to document his sleep/breathing patterns. If he stops breathing (... Read More »

My finger tips feel numb have since I woke up what could it be?

might possibly carpal tunnel syndrome, but i ain,t a doctor that,s the way my carpal tunnel syndrome started. get help as soon as you can.carpal tunnel is no fun believe me i know

Your period ended the third of this month now you been cramping for almost a week can you be pregnant you shoulnt expect your period jet you feel lightheaded when you get up you lossing apetite?

In my experience.. I know from my experience right before I found out I was pregnant I thought I was going to start my period for several days...had similar symptoms even though I knew it wasn't ti... Read More »

Do you feel it is worthwhile to pay almost DOUBLE for the so-called premium vodkas?

Back when I was a professional drunk I loved my Absolut. I drank it straight (chilled) so the smoother, more expensive vodka was the way to travel (so to speak). If you are mixing it you are wastin... Read More »