What to coook for lunch for kids?

Answer breaded chicken: - 1 egg - 2 cups breadcrumbs (optional: season breadcrumbs with garlic & onion powder) coat chicken in egg. roll in breadcrumbs. bake for 2 hrs until crunchy & golden brown.grilled... Read More »

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What Kids Eat for Lunch at School?

A large controversy has grown over time about what children eat during lunch time at school. Studies with the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center have shown that children often consume fa... Read More »

How to Be a Good Lunch Packer for Your Kids?

Lunch BoxParents, do you want to pack lunch for your kids at school because you think cafeteria food is unhealthy for your children? Then read this article!

How much is hometown buffet lunch for 2 adult 2 kids?

They now charge about $2.00 for drinks.Adults, figure $10.00 per person.Kids about half the price of adults. Under a certain age I think it is .50 per year but I think your children are past that age.

Valentine Lunch Ideas for School Kids?

Make Valentine's Day even more fun by packing a lunch that is based around the imagery that accompanies Valentine's Day. Don't just use hearts--think about the other symbols that are associated wit... Read More »