What to cook today Help plz!?

Answer Spaghetti- brown ground beef, drain, add in Spaghetti Sauce (I like a Garden variety, Ragu I think makes one when you don't have time to make your own). Boil noodles (I buy the fresh kind in the re... Read More »

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What should I cook today?

steak mashed potatoes green beans rolls sound good to me

What to cook for a vegan -- help?

Get her into bed FIRST and then make her take YOU out for dinner.Equal opportunity needs to work for the men once in awhile.

Help! im a student...what can i cook?

Help...i just burned my arm from vegetable oil i was using to cook. Its red and already swollen. What to do?

Put the injured area under cool,not cold water as soon as possibele and keep it running under water for atleast two minutes.Do not apply any type of ointment as it will keep the heat in.Good luck.