What to cook for a vegan -- help?

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How to Cook a Vegan Potato Cake?

Most cakes always contain eggs or butter, which is maybe tasty but unhealthy. If you are vegan, love cakes, but still wanthealthy nutrition this recipe will be especially helpful.

How to Cook a Vegan Spinach Quiche?

Quiches are a delicious dish, but usually contain eggs or butter. Here is a recipe for a vegan spinach quiche. Instead of spinach you could also use broccoli or cauliflower.

Everything I cook tastes bad! Any easy vegan recipes?

The taste of the food is fully dependent on the quality of the ingredients so make sure you're getting fresh organic fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, sprouts, olive oil etcI've been a happy vegan for the p... Read More »

I plan to become vegan, but im still not exactly sure on what i cannot eat. help ?

If you want a REALLY good VIDEO about veganism, then you seriously need to watch “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” on Youtube.…Another good speech b... Read More »