What to buy with about 200 dollars ?

Answer whatever u want

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When will the Philips 42 1080p 120hz LCD HDTV with a digital tuner be lowered to about or around 1000.00 dollars at walmart?

What is so great about a projection television I have an opportunity to purchase a 52 inch for 600 dollars.?

they are affordable and not as easily broken as plasma screens. Go to an electronics store and see how they look. Also check how lights in the store reflect off the screen, you don't want one tha... Read More »

What can i buy with 100 dollars?

Why not buy something that can make you MORE money ? !!! I started my son out at age 13 buying stocks in companies for as little as $50. He is now 20 and sitting better off than most 50 year olds... Read More »

What to do with 500 + dollars?

Lol buy 500+ hershey bars and eat it with your friends like fat b*tchesLolOlOlOL!!!1!!!