What to buy for newborn baby girl?

Answer dipers. warm clothes because its winter. and supplies to help the mother.

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How to get a newborn baby girl to cry?

If you give her a shot of vitamin k she will cry or take off her hat that will also make her cry if you pinch her she will also cry and then you can hold her up and make her stop crying and she wil... Read More »

How do you get a newborn baby girl to cry?

steel her from her mom's room and she will cry

How to make a newborn baby girl cry?

By not giving her milk when she wants to drink and when you do nothing to her and ignore her.

Should you start dating a girl who has a newborn baby?

Only if you are comfortable with it. You are going to be involved in this baby's life if you get involved so that is something you have to think about and be sure you can handle. But if you are the... Read More »