What to back up before reformatting a hard drive?

Answer Before reformatting a hard drive, transfer anything you put on the computer to a USB drive or disk. Items to back up before reformatting include any saved emails, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets... Read More »

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Directions for Reformatting a Hard Drive?

After years of use, a hard drive may have bits and pieces of old files stored on it, corrupt sectors and maybe even a dangerous virus or two. Instead of attempting to clean up the drive manually, y... Read More »

When reformatting a hard drive do you lose everything on the drive?

You lost everything. And I am so sorry for your loss!

Can reformatting an internal hard drive fix a firmware corruption?

If firmware corruption is the problem then no it won't, formatting the hard drive simply erases the data on the platters. The firmware is coded into a ROM on the circuit board. You need to rewrite ... Read More »

Can I back up a Mac& PC data to the same hard drive?

According to, you can share a hard drive between both a PC and Mac either by physically using the USB or FireWire ports on your computers or by creating a network that shares files remo... Read More »