What to Use to Seal a Wall Around an Air Conditioning Hose to Keep out Pests?

Answer Air conditioners provide cool air to homes and add to comfort. Sometimes they allow pests easy passage into the home. When an air conditioner is installed, the installer drills a hole in the wall s... Read More »

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How do I Identify the Low Pressure Hose on My Car Air Conditioning With R134?

Identifying the various air conditioning components, including the low pressure hose, under the hood of a car can be challenging at first glance. Although vehicle systems have undergone major effic... Read More »

Deep Conditioning Methods Using Flat Irons to Seal Ends?

When hair is frizzy, it is often caused by damage to the hair's shaft. Hair can be damaged from exposure to environmental pollutants, weather elements, friction, heat or the chemicals found in hair... Read More »

Can a clothes dryer function without the hose connected to the wall?

You can use a clothes dryer without venting it--but it is a bad idea. There are two factors to consider: moisture and lint. If you use a dryer without a vent, you are regularly sending hot, moist a... Read More »

Is it ok to run gas flex hose in a wall instead of black iron pipe?

Answer NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AnswerNo is the short answer (and safest) but it can actually be done. There is a book available to answer this and other questions about propane/natural gas. The... Read More »