What to Use to Paint a Vinyl Armrest?

Answer Vinyl is a nice durable material that looks great when it's new, but can fade with time. Fortunately, it is a relatively simple matter to paint the vinyl armrest in a car interior (or even in a cha... Read More »

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How would you paint a vinyl umbrella The red on your outdoor umbrella has faded and the umbrella is only 2 years old Is there something you can mix with acrylic paint to paint the umbrella?

Answer I understand that auto shops carry spray paint for vinyl.

Can i paint over my vinyl tub?

On One Hand: Most Common Paints Won't WorkIt is not recommended to paint over vinyl tubs using most common paints, such as oil-based paints. According to Tim Carter of Ask The Builder, vinyl expand... Read More »

How to Paint Vinyl in a Car?

Much of a car's interior is covered in vinyl. This is a durable synthetic material that wears well and lasts a long time. Tastes change over time and at some point you probably will consider changi... Read More »

What is vinyl paint?

Vinyl paints are really dyes and are used to color plastic materials, vinyl roofs and carpets. The color is absorbed into the material and, therefore, does not peel or chip away. Vinyl paints canno... Read More »