What to Use to Control the Variable for a 12V Wiper Motor?

Answer You depend on your windshield wipers to clear moisture from the outside surface of your vehicle. Variable speed and intermittent wiper cycles allow you to adjust the wipers to give you the best vis... Read More »

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How to Repair the Wiper Motor Control?

Your car or truck's wiper blades are controlled by a single motor, usually mounted on the driver's side wheel well. If your wiper blades stop working there is a good chance the wiper motor has gone... Read More »

How to Convert a Motor to Variable Speed?

Electric motors operate by converting electrical current into rotational mechanical movement; the greater the current, the faster the motor rotates. Electrical current supplied by a battery, a tran... Read More »

What is a control variable in a science project?

According to, a controlled variable is the quantity in an experiment that a scientist keeps the same, to compare or observe differences in the measured or variable portion. Contr... Read More »

How to Fix a VW Wiper Motor?

The wiper motor in many Volkswagens today has a modern design, different from those found in older Volkswagens, and may require replacement when the motor burns out. Fixing it can be done one of tw... Read More »