What to Use on Bugs to Get Rid of Them in Our House?

Answer Many homeowners notice bugs crawling or flying inside their homes. Many bugs such as cockroaches are most active at night, while spiders can be seen during the day as well. Combining proper sanitat... Read More »

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I just moved to a new house and we have tons of bugs! How do I get rid of them?

Some of these answers are pretty rude!! We had an earwig problem!! really really bad. I would kill at least 40 of them at a time, it was terrible! We also had silverfish and some ants. What I did ... Read More »

What can you do about little swimming bugs that dart away when you try to scoop them up and when you catch them they jump around and try to get back in?

Answer I have had this same problem about 6 years out of the 18 I have had this pool. If the bugs are little guys that look like a simple, long, black bug, with 1 wing or fin on each side. Every ti... Read More »

What kind of bugs are on my trees that make a bag,how do i get rid of them?

gypsy moths? we use to burn them off with a can of wd 40

Bugs are eating little circles in my plant leaves. What are they How do I get rid of them?

HelloOk so you have random hole's showing up in your leaves. If they are in the being punched out and not eaten from the edges in then its most likely slugs It's not Aphids because you would alwa... Read More »