What to Use for Cloudy Water in a Swimming Pool?

Answer Cloudy pool water is undesirable for any pool owner. Cloudy water can be caused by a variety of reasons, each with its own set of remedies. One thing always remains constant. Whenever the sight of ... Read More »

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How to Diagnose and Clear Cloudy Swimming Pool Water?

A swimming pool requires a large investment of time and money from a pool owner, who is usually trying to create his/her own relaxing backyard paradise. Water problems that take away from this lavi... Read More »

How much soda ash per gallon do you add in a swimming pool for cloudy water?

Answer You don't really add soda ash for cloudy water; in fact depending on the situation it can cause cloudy water. Soda ash increases pH.You have to use large quantities of liquid chlorine 12.5% ... Read More »

Is a salt water swimming pool or an ozone swimming pool healthier if your dog drinks the water?

AnswerI suspect that you're asking if it's better to have a chlorinated pool..the chlorine being produced by a generator producing chlorine from salt..or a pool without chlorine, that is sanitized ... Read More »

A swimming pool holds 200 cubic yards of water what is the weight of water in pounds?