What to Look for When Shopping for Laptop Computers?

Answer A laptop computer can just make life easier. With a laptop you can be connected just about anywhere you go, from the living room to halfway across the world. Deciding which laptop is right for you ... Read More »

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What will laptop personal computers look like in 20 years?

Twenty years from now, computers will be wirelessly integrated into our physiology. Everybody will be a cyborg and everything will be connected. Not really, but what the hey.

What should one look for when shopping for a new digital Camera?

I don't know if you want it compact or not, so hear are my 50 cents. I have a 5.1 meg and can print a 19 x 15 to date you can not find one with less than 7. I would not worry about that. If size is... Read More »

When shopping for renter's insurance what features should you look for?

The coverage features you should look for when shopping for renters insurance should include protection of your personal belongings against damage from things such as fire, smoke, storms, vandalism... Read More »

I know nothing about computers, and I need one for when i go off to college... what laptop should i buy?

Wait until you get to school. Generally most schools have a nice discount on many laptops.