What to Expect on the First Day of the Job in a Salon?

Answer There's something about beauty and pampering that can make a salon job very glamorous. As an employee, it takes a lot to keep a salon running. On the first day of the job, expect to become acquaint... Read More »

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Difference Between a Tanning Salon & a Beauty Salon?

With nail salons that do facials, and hair salons that do nails, it's hard to know where to go to get your hair cut or your skin tanned. Most beauty salons offer a variety of services including hai... Read More »

How to Fix Salon Gel?

When a nail technician applies salon gel to your nails, she usually creates beautiful, natural-looking nails. These nails generally hold up well to daily use, but occasionally, the gel nail might l... Read More »

HELP!!! Tell me what to expect please ?

It shouldn't hurt, but take a advil before going. It's wierd because there's no pain but you still feel the pressure. The faster he pulls it out the less it will hurt.

How to Start a Salon?

Starting a salon can be a challenge. It requires financing, a good location, licenses and equipment to begin. The salon business can be a lucrative venture, if the proper steps are taken when start... Read More »