What to Do for Bored Teens in Winter?

Answer Teens can get bored very easily during winter, when the weather makes going outside undesirable. When they don't want to read a book or play a video game or surf the Internet anymore, try coming up... Read More »

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Teens: Survey, for those bored teens out there!?

1. Age Justalmost 142. What grade are you going into next year? freshmann :D3. Favorite color? Purpple4. Favorite book series? Pretty lil liars!5. Favorite website? Yahoo answers haha6. Favorite ce... Read More »

Bored teens: who wants to do a survey ?

I can't believe my boredom has gotten to this level.12, almost 13.One sister.3:36 pm Eastern Pacific time.Sam.Not really, but not disliked either.Nope.Yep.Boy.Gym shorts & T-shirt.Dad: 2... Mom: 6M... Read More »

Another survey for bored teens?

Are you wearing a hat? No...i dont like themWhat kind of laptop do you have (or if you don't have one, what laptop do you wish you had)? Dell brand:/Favorite season? Winter....i LOVE rainPen or pen... Read More »

Teens: Here's a survey if you're bored...?

1) I'm 16 (2day is my birthday!)2) Veterinarian or Doctor3) Family of course!4) Brown5) Black6) Never happened7)Fried Okra8) Maldives or DisneyWorld!9) Single10) Rarely11) Yes12) Hugs