What to Do for Bored Teens in Winter?

Answer Teens can get bored very easily during winter, when the weather makes going outside undesirable. When they don't want to read a book or play a video game or surf the Internet anymore, try coming up... Read More »

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Teens: Survey, for those bored teens out there!?

1. Age Justalmost 142. What grade are you going into next year? freshmann :D3. Favorite color? Purpple4. Favorite book series? Pretty lil liars!5. Favorite website? Yahoo answers haha6. Favorite ce... Read More »

Bored teens: who wants to do a survey ?

I can't believe my boredom has gotten to this level.12, almost 13.One sister.3:36 pm Eastern Pacific time.Sam.Not really, but not disliked either.Nope.Yep.Boy.Gym shorts & T-shirt.Dad: 2... Mom: 6M... Read More »

Bored, survey answer for teens:)?

1) How old are you?162) What's your favourite colour?Green3) Do you like school?Its alrite4) What do you want to be when you grow up?Paediatric oncologist (child cancer doctor)5) Do you want kids s... Read More »

Another survey for bored teens?

Are you wearing a hat? No...i dont like themWhat kind of laptop do you have (or if you don't have one, what laptop do you wish you had)? Dell brand:/Favorite season? Winter....i LOVE rainPen or pen... Read More »