What to Do With a Sluggish Transmission?

Answer Transmissions can contain hundreds of components, most of which lead a hot, difficult life. Internal seals soften and leak bleeding away hydraulic pressure; clutches wear away, increasing slippage ... Read More »

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How to Clean Up a Sluggish Computer?

Keeping your computer in tip-top shape means that you must take preventative measures to stop issues like malware infestations and hacking attempts. Fortunately, computers not only come with built-... Read More »

How to Make a Sluggish Car Run Better?

Many thousands of dollars are wasted daily at auto repair shops, because someone didn't do this first ...

Why is my computor suddenly sluggish?

download this free program and it will tune it up. I use it, it's great!Link:…

Mouse very sluggish?

If it's one of the old style ball mouses (yes apparently that is the plural) then it could need cleaning out.Here's a guide how:…If it's one of the optical... Read More »