What to Do With a Momma Raccoon & Her Babies in My Chimney?

Answer A dry, cozy chimney flue makes an ideal nesting spot for raccoons. Although a chimney cap generally will deter raccoons and other unwanted mammalian visitors, your abode may have an unguarded chimn... Read More »

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What is a sugar momma?

A sugar momma, or mama, is a wealthy, attractive older woman who often attracts the attention of younger men, especially those eager to work their way into her confidence as a boyfriend or playthin... Read More »

What was the business of momma Henderson and willie?

What is the name of Malique's momma off of the show called The Game?

Portions of the show not affecting the outcome have been edited. I very mush doubt that saving air time is one of those things, they would cut any dead air where nothing is happening to move the sh... Read More »

How do i keep out weather with a free standing chimney?

The gap between the outer-wall and the inner-lining is to allow the chimney to breath. When the chimney heats up it will expand and as it cools it will contract. The gap allows for this movement. W... Read More »