What to Do With a Bad Perm?

Answer Don't panic if you walked into a hair salon and asked for a perm and walked out sporting a frizzy mess. You don't have to walk around for a few weeks looking like a prize poodle. There are things y... Read More »

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Hairstyles With a Perm?

A perm, or a permanent wave, is created by chemically or thermally treating hair to produce waves. A perm is truly permanent for the hair treated, but as the hair grows out from the roots and is tr... Read More »

How to Perm Hair With Rollers?

If you've always wanted curly hair, you can get it with a perm. A perm involves rolling your hair up in curlers and then applying chemicals to the hair which alter its composition. Whereas your hai... Read More »

How to Perm With Velcro Rollers?

Velcro rollers, plastic rollers equipped with teeth to grip the hair, are ideal for people who find it difficult to roll hair on traditional perm rods. The rollers do not require end papers, and th... Read More »

How to Use Perm Rods With Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are a distinctive hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into matted or rope-like locks. If the typical ponytail and free-falling styles become routine and boring, use perm rods to curl ... Read More »