What to Do When Your Computer Dies Due to Electrical Problems?

Answer Faced with a dead computer, the first thing to do is to find out where the problem lies. The computer may have an internal electrical fault but it may also be a problem with the plug, power cord or... Read More »

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What would you do when the computer mouse dies and you have to install another one. Computer says "Found new?

You make the mouse work by ripping out its insides and wiggling the wire until it moves just enough to get the job done. ha ha that is what we did once. It worked.

Electrical Car Problems?

Electrical cars seem to be a good environmental choice, but they've yet to become very popular, and lack of demand has kept manufacturers from dedicating much attention to this type of vehicle. A n... Read More »

How to Fix Electrical Problems on a Car?

The key to diagnosing electrical problems is to use a process of elimination combined with testing. A good memory and the ability to concentrate on one problem at a time will be helpful. Understand... Read More »

When a computer dies.what goes first?

Usually its easy to tell when the computer constantly reboots itself and will not load windows....thats when your HD is starting to fail.