What to Do When Your AC Condenser Is Defrosted?

Answer The main parts of an air conditioner are the compressor, evaporator and condenser. The condenser, along with the other components, is located in the unit outside of your home. The condenser’s job... Read More »

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How do i know when mince meat has been defrosted?

Can i refreeze defrosted cooked chicken?

There seems to be some sort of mystery about re-freezing. There are two main hazards:1 Each time you thaw something out it goes through the temperature range of frozen to room temperature. This ran... Read More »

Can I cook cube steak after it has been defrosted?

Cube steak, like any other cut of meat, can be frozen and later defrosted--thawed--and cooked. Beef cube steak is a round steak pulverized to make the cut more tender. Pork cube steak, similarly te... Read More »

How long can keep defrosted pies in the fridge?

About one week, if covered. Uncovered, the top layer will become dried out and have the consistency of cardboard.