What to Do When You Have an Auto Accident & the Other Guy Has No Insurance?

Answer Getting involved in an accident can be a stressful, complicated process. You may have to submit the insurance claim, work with different companies, get damage estimates, rent a car and other time-c... Read More »

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What happens when you are involved in an auto accident and it is your fault and you have no auto insurance?

AnswerThe person can sue you for the damages. Garnishing your wages or property. In many states in Georgia you can also face criminal prosecution including fines and time in jail.

What happens to your drivers license when you are at fault in an auto accident and you do not have car insurance?

%REPLIES% Answer dl suspension for one yr and your going to need an sr22 for 3 yrs.. its not good Answer You probably will be arrested and if you are unable to pay the costs in full to the victim(s... Read More »

Do insurance companies have a time limit when investigating an auto accident?

Answer Depending on where you are (I can only speak for the U.S.), there may be no restriction on how long insurance has to act on a claim. Some states to have a statutory limit for responding to ... Read More »

How can you submit a claim for an accident when you do not have the other person's insurance information?

You can submit it to your own carrier, they will assist you in finding this out, you can contact the police dept, and run the plate, or contact the dmv in your state.