What to Do About an Engine Warning Light?

Answer Seeing your car's Check Engine warning light come on, while never good news, may simply signal a routine maintenance issue or something as easy to fix as a loose gas cap. But that's not always the ... Read More »

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How to Reset the Engine Warning Light on a Jeep?

Just about any mechanical or electrical component can cause the engine warning light to illuminate on your Jeep. Often the issue is an isolated incident like a sudden drop in vacuum pressure. If th... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Check Engine Light Warning?

The check engine light on your vehicle is something that may be cause for alarm, but should not force you into making rash decisions in regards to your auto. Make sure you don't overreact when your... Read More »

How to Reset a Service Engine Soon Warning Light on a Nissan Murano?

Introduced in late 2002 as a 2003 model, the Nissan Murano has always integrated on-board diagnostics II (OBD II). OBD II has been placed on all passenger vehicles and trucks since 1996. This secon... Read More »

How to Reset the Engine Warning Light on a Jeep Wrangler Sport?

A Jeep Wrangler Sport comes with a Power Train Control Module (PCM) computer on board that diagnoses problems throughout the vehicle. When the engine warning light illuminates on the instrument pan... Read More »