What to Check If the Van Starts and Then Stalls?

Answer If you have a van that is stalling out quickly after an ignition attempt, there are three areas to concentrate the troubleshooting: the gas, battery and spark plugs. These are the most common reaso... Read More »

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2012 peace sports 50cc scooter starts then loses power then dies any ideas?

Try running it again, after it dies pull out the spark plug and exam it for fuel.If it's wet with fuel then the problem would be either poor spark or not enough air-flow. A new plug or clean the ai... Read More »

My bf fingered me the day before my period he didnt go all the way and then i had my 28day period like always but it stoped after 3days usually it does that then starts back up or did he pop my hymen?

.....You are fine, if your b.f fingers you, there is no chance of pregnancy (unless he had semen in his hand). There are many reasons your periods could act that way, (physical health, stress , etc... Read More »

My 1999 Ford Taurus Rough Idle, Stalls and the Check Engine Light Is On?

Say what you will about its styling, but Ford's ultimate bubble-car approach to aesthetics didn't keep the Taurus -- and its Mercury Sable stablemate -- from claiming the title of best-selling car ... Read More »

Why my new pc build starts for 10 seconds then reboots?

ive had this issue before. try a replacement power supply first, that usually is the problem is a defective or failed power supply. if that does not work be sure your CPU is not overheating. check ... Read More »