What tires fit 5.5x15 rims?

Answer A tire that would fit a rim that is 15 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches wide would need to have an approximate width of 140 millimeters, which is the standard measurement for tires. The tires can ... Read More »

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Can you put 205 tires on 195 rims?

A tire that is 205mm wide can be used in place of a 195mm wide tire on three conditions. First, the 205 tire must properly fit the wheel the 195 tire was removed from. Second, the width of the 20... Read More »

How to Cut Rubber Tires From Rims?

A blown tire means that the sidewalls or tread have ripped off the vehicle while driving. Typically, the end result is that the rim is left with the tire's bead still attached but nothing left of t... Read More »

How to Store Tires & Rims?

Storing tires and rims properly is essential. This will prolong the life of the tire by preventing cracking and deterioration of the rubber. Proper storage will also ensure that your rims will no... Read More »

How to Mount Tires on Rims With a Red Dot?

It can be quite confusing trying to figure out how to mount your tires. Some tires are directional and need to be mounted based on the position they will be on the car. Other tires are mounted with... Read More »