What tires fit 5.5x15 rims?

Answer A tire that would fit a rim that is 15 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches wide would need to have an approximate width of 140 millimeters, which is the standard measurement for tires. The tires can ... Read More »

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What size tires will fit 14 x 7 rims?

There are lots of options. A 14x7 rim can hold a variety of tire sizes. Without any information relative to a particular model, a 225/70/14 would be most common tire for this size rim.References:T... Read More »

What size tires do i need for 20-inch rims?

Twenty-inch rims need 20-inch tires. The bead of the tire, or edge where the tire connects with the rim, is the 20-inch measure of the tire. The width of the tire and rim must match, however. The s... Read More »

What size rims are needed for p 20570 tires?

Your P205/70 tires may use a 14-inch or 15-inch rim size, depending on the specific tire diameter. When buying tires for your vehicle, though, check with your tire dealer, because there might be sl... Read More »

What size tires and rims for a Corvette Z06 20x11?

The stock tire size for the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is P275/35ZR18 for the front and P325/20ZR19 for the rear. Z06 Corvettes use 18-inch wheels on the front and 19-inch wheels on the rear. 2... Read More »