What tire size do I need to carry a camper?

Answer The most common type of tire used when carrying a camper is called a "load range E" or "10 ply" tire, which has more layers of rubber to prevent blowouts from the heavy load. The most common size i... Read More »

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What size pickup do I need for a slide-in camper?

Because of the size and weight of most slide-in campers, full size pickup trucks are better suited to this use and will provide a more stable and safer installation. Truck bed length can also be a ... Read More »

What size tire do i need for size 17 rims?

Automobile tires are specified by three numbers for size: width, sidewall aspect ratio and rim diameter, listed respectively. To fit a 17-inch rim, the last number of the tire size must be 17, such... Read More »

What size camper top fits a 1995 nissan pickup?

To determine which camper top will best fit your Nissan truck, refer to the truck's model number. Most camper shells are built for a specific truck's make, model and year. If the truck's model is u... Read More »

What size can carry-on luggage be?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, carry-on luggage can be no more than 45 linear inches, which includes the total height, width and depth of the bag. Most airlines require passenger... Read More »