What tips do you have for falling asleep?

Answer Drink sleepy time tea...with honeyAvoid electronics right before bedGood luck

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Tips on falling asleep?

i count my breathing and consentrate everything about just breathing.It usually works for me because it takes my mind of everything and i just drift into sleep... plus i don't have to imagine anyth... Read More »

Can't sleep. Tips on falling asleep?

1. Get off Yahoo Answers!2. Try listening to a self-hypnosis tape. They can be REALLY relaxing.3. You can try melatonin supplements... Read up on how you should take it first. Talk to you doctor if... Read More »

I have had a hard time falling asleep this week. Is it harmful in any way to take Benadryl to fall asleep?

No harm. It's an anti-histamine, which means has an anti allergic action and also has a sedative effect.Caution - do not make it a habit. Use other methods for getting a good sleep at night -* G... Read More »

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, what adive do you have to fall asleep quickly?

I was also having problems falling asleep, doing so around 3-4am, au aunt told me about Melatonin, its a natural pill. i tried it...and literally about 30-60 minutes later i could barely keep my ey... Read More »