How to Get Ready for Sunday Church?

Answer If you are a strong Catholic Christian, here is how you should start your day before heading off to church: there is everything, from dressing right, to washing and talking right in this annual.

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What was church like in the medieval times?

During the medieval times, the church played a central part in every person's life. This was due to the belief system, the powers the church had and the limited knowledge of most people.Heaven and ... Read More »

Do Filipinos go to church each sunday?

Some go on Sundays.Others on Saturday of Friday.Still, there are some that go on Thursday.It depends on what church!Others. NEVER!

Sunday morning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, church or brunch?

My body is my church/temple, so its gotta be brunch.

What do you think of the Sunday Times' "10 best Wikipedia entries" ?

Great! Thanks for sharing! People who dismiss Wikipedia are either:1) Academically snotty people who love to point out that it's not suitable to use as a resource for a PhD thesis. These people do ... Read More »