What time would it be in the Eastern Time Zone?

Answer Eastern Daylight time is GMT minus 4. Eastern Standard Time is GMT minus 5.Minus hours means Eastern time is behind GMT. If it is midnight GMT, Eastern Daylight Time is 2000 (8 PM) in New York City

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What time zone is Cabo San Lucas in?

Though Cabo San Lucas, located on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, is due south of the state of California, it is officially in Mexico and is in the Mountain Time Read More »

What time zone is paoli peaks in?

Paoli Peaks is located in Paoli, Indiana, approximately 60 miles south of Indianapolis. The state of Indiana is divided into two time zones based on county petitions. Paoli, Indiana is in Orange Co... Read More »

What is the time zone in Los Cabos, Mexico?

Different longitudes have different time zones. This ensures that 7 a.m. in one location looks like 7 a.m. everywhere. The sun should be starting to rise everywhere at 7 a.m. in the local time. Sta... Read More »

What time zone is a PS2 system clock set to?

According to the PlayStation 2 user's guide, the PS2 system clock does not have a time zone setting by default and must be set the first time you power on the PS2. You can change the system clock l... Read More »