What time should we go to a chinese buffet?

Answer If you went before 4:00, you'd probably pay lunch prices, but there would be fewer dishes to choose from. Dinner prices, and the complete buffet menu, usually start about 5:00.

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What do you think is the best Chinese buffet in Dallas?

Cathy's Wok is pretty good..4520 Frankford Rd

How to Eat at a Chinese Buffet?

Ever walked into a Chinese buffet and wondered where to start? Here's an in-depth article straight from a seasoned eater.

Do you leave a tip at a Chinese buffet?

most people dont' realize that even at buffet places, they are still getting paid 2-3 dollars an hour. I've worked at one! I depended on tips. I didn't expect much, 2-3 dollars was expected, 5 do... Read More »

What time is the midnight buffet?