What time period were the pyramids built in?

Answer The first Egyptian pyramid was built in the 3rd Dynasty (2668 to 2649 BC). The Golden Age of the pyramids lasted about a century during the period of the Old Kingdom (2575 to 2510 BC). Most of thi... Read More »

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In what valley were 800 pyramids built?

There is no valley in the world where 800 pyramids collectively exist. It is likely a reference to the 800 tombs of Qurnet Murai, a hill discovered near the Valley of the Kings and used as a burial... Read More »

What is the reason the Babylonian pyramids were built?

The Babylonians used their pyramids as temples. They called them ziggurats. Ziggurat construction was during the same time period as the Egyptian pyramids, but continued for a longer time. They are... Read More »

Where were 800 pyramids built?

In Egypt, ancient Thebes (or the west bank at Luxor) is home to the famous pyramids, including those in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. While there are many pyramids there, a ... Read More »

How long ago were the pyramids built?

Around 3000 and 2500 B.C., the ancient Egyptians began building the pyramids as tombs for pharaohs. Although the first pharaohs commissioned simple square-shaped tombs, the later pharaohs sought mo... Read More »