What time of year should you prune a pecan tree?

Answer A pecan tree should be pruned in winter when it is dormant, in order to train the tree into the size and shape you desire. Prune the tree before any buds begin to form on the branches.Source:New Me... Read More »

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What time of year to prune a magnolia tree?

Immediately after flowering. If you do it too late in the year you will cutting off the following seasons flower buds.

What time of year should you plant a tree?

It is best to not plant trees in summer because of the heat, and the winter is too cold. Spring and fall are the ideal seasons for planting trees. Only palm trees do not follow this rule; they shou... Read More »

At what time of year in the uk do you prune roses?

Major pruning is done in the early spring, before any new growth appears. The exceptions are some climbers & roses that produce blooms on the previous year's wood. They should be pruned right afte... Read More »

The Best Time to Prune a Dogwood Tree?

Many homeowners choose to plant the dogwood tree in their yards because it provides beauty from spring until fall with relatively little maintenance. Unlike some other trees, dogwoods do not requir... Read More »