What time of year should you plant a tree?

Answer It is best to not plant trees in summer because of the heat, and the winter is too cold. Spring and fall are the ideal seasons for planting trees. Only palm trees do not follow this rule; they shou... Read More »

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What is the best time of year to plant a redbud tree in southeast Texas?

The best times of year to plant redbud trees in southeast Texas are late winter and early spring. The trees flourish best in areas that are shady in late afternoon.References:Prairie View A&M Unive... Read More »

What time of year should you prune a pecan tree?

A pecan tree should be pruned in winter when it is dormant, in order to train the tree into the size and shape you desire. Prune the tree before any buds begin to form on the branches.Source:New Me... Read More »

What time of year should you plant dogwood trees?

According to, the best time to plant dogwood trees is in the spring, when the ground is moist and the air is cool, before the tree starts growing.Source:Planting dogwood trees

What time of year do I trim my lemon tree?

The best time to prune your lemon tree is in the winter. Wait until the lemons have ripened, then prune the dead and damaged branches after picking off the lemons. Avoid pruning in the early fall b... Read More »