What time of year should trees be trimmed?

Answer Pruning trees properly produces stronger, healthier, and more attractive trees. Knowing when to prune will protect the plant from damage and promote these positive qualities, while pruning improper... Read More »

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What time of the year do you prune apple trees?

According to the National Gardening Association, the optimal time to prune an apple tree is before new growth appears, usually in late winter. Proper pruning increases fruit production and quality ... Read More »

What time of year do you prune citrus trees?

Prune citrus trees when little growth is occurring. In areas with cool winters, pruning should occur before warming spring weather. Similarly, pruning in dry, desert climates should occur between F... Read More »

What time of year do citrus trees ripen?

Citrus trees produce fruits that are ripe and ready for harvest in the late summer, fall or early winter months, depending upon the variety of citrus. Citrus fruits are ripe when they are bright in... Read More »

The Best Time of Year to Transplant Dogwood Trees?

The dogwood tree is a popular landscaping addition for many homeowners because of its beauty throughout the summer. In the spring, dogwoods are filled with white flowers and later develop red berri... Read More »