What time of year should I cut back peonies?

Answer Cut back peony bushes in late September to early October. If a bush has been stricken by disease, prune it to the ground.Source:The Gardener's Network

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Plz help My back garden is always soaking no matter what time of year it is?

You probably have poor drainage. Try digging a trench at the top end of the garden nearest to a boundary at the steepest point and lay a land drain , cover with chippings . That could do the trick

What time should a 10 year old go to bed?

It depends on what time they need to be up at.If they need to be up around 7:30, then 10:00 should be an excitable bed time. If this does not work for your child and they are VERY tired when they g... Read More »

What time should a 12 year old go to bed?

i have a 12 year old, too. and while each child's sleep needs are different, my opinion is that 9pm is perfect. keep up the good work!!

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