What time of year is best to buy a new flat screen LCD or Plasma TV on sale?

Answer Christmas is actually the best time of year....for the NEW models, while September is the best time for the END of YEAR clearance on models.....

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Can you lay a plasma flat screen TV flat to move it?

Will the price of Plasma and or LCD flat screen tvs come down If so when would they come down?

The price will come down on these product's. But only when the majority of the gullible public have bought one

Would you recommend a plasma or an LCD flat screen?

LCD - is the everyman HDTV. It is cost effective, hence its popularity. It is also physically lighter than Plasma. It tends to draw less power than Plasmas as well (though good Plasmas are now beat... Read More »

What's the best way to get smudges off of a flat screen (plasma) TV?

You can buy special solutions from walmart or something that are designed to clean smudges off of tv screens and leave no smudges behind. The surface of a flat screen is very sensitive and is made ... Read More »