What time of year do you plant blueberries?

Answer According to, blueberry bushes should be planted in the fall or early spring. Summer planting of any type of bush is risky as it can experience wilt in the summer sun which will wea... Read More »

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How to Plant and Care for Top Hat Blueberries?

Growing top hat blueberries allows you to have fresh blueberries no matter where you live. The top hat blueberry bush is a dwarf hybrid that is 18 inches tall and wide when fully mature. Its small ... Read More »

How do I plant blueberries from seed?

Prepare SeedsBlend ¾ cup of thawed blueberries with ¾ cup of water using a blender, for 15 seconds on high speed. Remove the pulp by spooning it off of the top, and then add fresh water to allow ... Read More »

How do I plant blueberries in a container?

PreparationWash a 10-gallon or larger container with soapy water. Rinse it with one part bleach and nine parts water. This sterilizes the plant pot and eliminates hiding insect pests.SoilMix togeth... Read More »

How do I plant& care for blueberries?

Planting Blueberry BushesPlant blueberry bushes from a reputable garden center or nursery. Place them a spot that receives direct sunlight and away from other trees, shrubs or heavy weed growth. Te... Read More »