What time of year do cats shed?

Answer Cats build up a thicker winter coat and then shed their extra hair in the spring and summer months. While spring and summer are the heaviest times for cat shedding, indoor cats can shed all year lo... Read More »

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What time of year do elk shed their antlers?

Male (bull) elk grow a new set of antlers every year, beginning when they are 1 year old. They shed these antlers every year in late winter or early spring and begin to grow a new set of antlers in... Read More »

What Cats Do Not Shed Hair?

You're a cat lover, but you are allergic to cat fur: This creates a problem. Furthermore, you are tired of cleaning up all that cat fur. But a solution may rest in cats with hair that does not shed... Read More »

Do deer shed their antlers every year?

Deer lose their antlers every year. The shedding process takes 2 to 3 weeks. The antlers regrow over the summer and early fall. As they grow, the new antlers are covered with a velvet-like layer of... Read More »

Do deer completely shed their antlers every year?

Deer completely shed their antlers each year at the conclusion of the mating season, between January and April. The antlers break off at the pedicle, the bony plate at the front of the skull, and g... Read More »